"Your will be done on earth..."

Sometimes we need inspiration and direction in prayer, so we here is a simple prayer guide:

Let’s pray for ourselves

·        Ask God to reveal any hidden sin to you


·        Ask God for forgiveness


·        Ask God to enable you to walk in wisdom


·        Ask God to open doors for you to speak about Him to others


·        Ask God to reveal His will to you


·        Commit yourself to doing His will

Let’s pray for our families

·        Pray for your family members who are not saved


·        Pray for protection over your family


·        Ask God to strengthen marriages


·        Ask for God’s will to be done in your family


·        Ask God keep your family spiritually strong


·        Pray for unity and reconciliation


·        Pray for peace in your family


·        Pray for God’s joy in your family


Let’s pray for Jubilee

·        Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit


·        Pray for our staff


·     Pray for our children’s ministry


·        Pray for those who need jobs


·        Pray for those who are sick


·        Pray for those who are grieving


·        Pray for our Youth Ministry


·        Pray for an ingathering of souls


Let’s pray for our area and our nation

·        Pray for renewal in every church

·        Pray for our youth and children

·        Pray for the public schools

·        Pray for our military troops around the world


·        Pray for our military families

·        Pray for our President

·        Pray for our local leaders

·        Pray for our state leaders

·        Pray for our national leaders

·        Pray for our Supreme Court Justices

Let’s pray for our world…

·        Pray for those who are in bondage to sin

·        Pray for terrorist plans for fail

·        Pray for terrorism to be defeated

·        Pray for God’s will in the Middle East

·        Pray for our missionaries

·        Pray for world-wide revival