"Your will be done on earth..."

Thank you for the time you spend in prayer...it makes a difference!

Here are some needs shared at Jubilee recently


Dianne K. ~ Thank you Lord for welcoming my father to heaven. Our prayers were answered.

V. Chicas ~ Thank you Lord for such wonderful news at my place of work this week. You always surprise me with unexpected blessings!! I worship You!

Francis & Janet L. ~ Thank you Jesus for my health and our family.

Teresa V. ~ Praising God for the healing of my cousin, Rosalie’s Kidneys. No more dialysis while going through Chemo. 

Prayer Requests

Dianne K. ~ Pray for peace for my mom, and that hospice continues to take care of Martha. Please bless my family with peace. Wrap Your arms around my brother that is out on a ride today. My friend Tom who is waiting for a liver transplant. Justin and Brad’s salvation.

The Lee Family ~ Prayers for our children, our soldiers and our Country!

Giovanna ~ Salvation for my family. Healing for Lynette, Michael and Stephania. A miracle is needed for a certain situation. Guidance and direction for my life. For our Military and Country. A friend needs a house to rent. For strength, wisdom and endurance. For our church families. Unspoken requests.

Edna ~ Salvation of my family. Healing for Terry, Ralph, Greg, Diana, Ronnie and all those needing God’s healing touch. Prayers for Our President, government, Teachers, Schools, our Pastors and their families. Our Military, Safety for Chris. Guidance and direction for my life. Unspoken request.

Myra O. ~ Prayers for Ana. May God heal her. May God give her and her husband strength to get through treatments. Prayers for my brother- in-laws, best friend’s mother. She too has been diagnosed with Cancer. Dear God, please let them find 6-year-old Duke. He needs to be at rest.

Janet R. ~ Please pray for my son-in-law’s family. His uncle passed away this morning (5/5).

Francis & Janet L. ~ Praying of healing for Janet’s sister, Jeanie, Steve E., Carole D., Danell, Janet, Janet’s Daughter, Melody. Salvation for Tina, Tom, Gene T., Amanda, and Jenna. For all our Pastors and their families. Jesus, we need your help, put it on our hearts to come to you and ask for forgiveness so You may heal our land.

Susan T. ~ Please pray for my daughter, Sarah. My Son, Jonathan for direction.

Teresa V. ~ Healing prayers for my cousin Rosalie as she goes though Chemo. She is also fighting Shingles and an intestinal parasite due to her compromised immune system. For my Cousin, Carol who has moved to Hospice, due to Stage 4 lung cancer.

Please continue to pray for Brenda K., comfort, a complete and speedy recovery.

Please continue to pray for Didi G., who also is recovering from hip replacement surgery, for comfort, a complete and speedy recovery.

Please continue to pray for Steve B., that the Lord speeds up the healing process.

Prayers for our Homeless Community.

Please pray for Lamadre, Tatyana, Deandre, Richard, Ricky, Toxic (Shawn), Bradley, Marie and Jr.

For the people prayed the Sinner’s prayer and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Prayers for Our Members, Family and Friends in the Military: 

Chris, Eric, Jake (USN), Jackie (USN), Mitchell Hale, Brandon Hester (USN), Jonathan (USN), Sean (USAF), Jonathan (USN), Estevan  &  Matthew\